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Specializes in realism, both black and grey as well color, but also loves doing aquarelle/painting inspired tattoos as well as weaving art nouveau elements into your design. Tattooing since 2001. Have a masters degree in industrial design and spends as much time as possible (which isn't much these days unfortunately) in the workshop building things. Founder and owner.

Thomas av Guld_Krets Tattoo cropped.jpg


If your'e looking for fine tuned yet bold colors, crisp lines, and some truly popping neotraditional pieces your'e not likely to find many that can match Thomas' tattoos in this part of the globe. Specialist in layouting big pieces like leg- and arm sleeves as well as backs and torsos, but will also happily do a small script or other simple tattoos as well! 


Sarah is a master of line work, which is suiting since most of sarah's tattoos get their amazing and unique look from their simplicity and scaled down technique. She'll create a unique piece in her own style out of you're idea, or choose from her vast collection of pre-drawn flash designs that all breathe her unique visual style. Also turns the imagery of Moomin/Tove Jansson into tattoos like few others.



Our polish vixen queen. Forget about cheerful and cute color pieces, you come to Aneta if you're into more sinister and gloomy tattoos representing a darker side of the world... If you like demons, creatures, witchery and tarot, this is the right place. But this said, she will probably do any idea you might have, as long as you like it on the darker side...


Our favourite italian! Former resident, now a regular guest artist that normally visits us a week a month. Masters both color, black and grey or a mix of the both. Loves to mix japanese, realism and oldschool into a very unique style, but will happily do each style as separate pieces as well. And hey, you're into some of the great painters of our time? Lorenzo's pulled some amizing renderings off from the likes of Van Gogh, DaVinci and their likes!

Lorenzo portrait.jpg
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