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About us...

Krets was founded in 2019, just pre-covid, by Jasmin and Nelson. After a few months of hard work, little sleep, and loads of coffee we had finally transformed a carpeted office space into something completely different with our bare hands (as well as a bunch of tools, and some friends helping out from time to time). Initially, Krets was designed as more of an multi faceted creative platform, housing a tattoo shop, a boutique featuring independent design, rentable art studio spaces as well as a common wood/metal workshop.

Except for the art studio spaces, that weren´t utilized by tennants as much as we'd hoped for, all of Krets other spaces are still intact. As the pandemic ruined a lot of our plans for co-creating events, open houses, lectures, workshops, presentations etc., Krets have gradually shifted focus even more towards tattooing, and the boutique in its current shape will eventually dissapear. But that said, you can still come in and buy a coffee, check out the amazing jewelry/interior/print/accessories etc. in the boutique, or maybe stumble across an art show or book release party at Krets. 

If you are interested in hosting any kind of event a Krets, or would like to colaborate in any other way, don´t hesitate to drop us a line at 

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