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We aim to keep Krets at the very top of the line when it comes to hygiene standards and our clients safety. Read why and how below

Hygiene standards

Our goal is  to have the highest hygiene standards in the industry, period.


therefore, everyone working at Krets, now and in the future, will have taken part in a thorough work hygiene course (most often "Tattoo and piercing education Scandinavia"). For those who haven't been able to participate in above mentioned course or similar we make sure they are properly educated by any of our senior tattooers while waiting for a course opening. 

Cross contamination

Cross contamination is the biggest hygiene threat in out bussiness (similar to operation rooms, dentists etc.).

Cross contamination referes to a blood pathogen (virius, bacteria, fungi etc.) being transmitted from one client to another through direct or indirect contact with primarily blood and other body fluids. This can lead to severe and potantially deadly outcome if strict routines aren't in place. For example a client might contract Hepatitus or MRSA from another client, without acctually never even being in the shop at the same time. 

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Hygiene routines 

To avoid any chance of cross contamination, infections from pathogens in the environment or from work tools and furniture, it's vital that thotough and thought through routines are in place. Therefore, all needles, tubes, ink cups etc. used during work are single use, and discarded of after finished session in appropriate manner. Furthermore, every area possibly coming in contact with tattooers gloved hands, by clients tattooed skin, by blood or ink stains, or by work tools are covered with plastic. Tattooers disinfect hands prior to session, and in connection to every break when gloves are changed. Nitrile instead of latex gloves are used as some people are alergic to latex. Inks and other material are kept in closed cupboards and drawers to avoid contamination. Seats and work area surfaces are disinfected after each client. 

These are just examples on how we work to keep you safe and sound, if you want more in depth info you are more than welcome to ask us!

When hygiene routines fails

or are missing...

...there's no saying how bad things can really get. Cross contamination of pathogens, infected tattoos and sepsis are just a few of the potential outcomes when routines fails. If it would only be a shop's reputation on the line, we tattooers should consider ourselves lucky, but that's the least og concerns for clients who are stricken. 

Our shop, each tattoo station and or work routines have been inspected and aproved by the Stockholm Health Board (Miljöförvaltningen)

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