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To make an appointment

To make a tattoo appointment for either a tattoo session or consultation you can either e-mail or make an online booking request.

alternatively, get in touch directly with the tattooer you'd like to get tattooed by via e-mail or Instagram. As we all have different artistic styles we advise that you give some thought to whom you think would be best suited for your tattoo idea by browsing our portfolios on Instagram or in the shop. if uncertain, we will of cource help guide you to which tattooer will be best suited for Your project. You can of cource always swing by the shop when open and discuss your idea, but beware that all tattooers aren't present every day as we all work individual  schedules

Before making your appointment it’s highly recommended that you’ve really reflected over the tattoo idea you want to do, as well as placement on the body. Of course you don’t need to have a finalized design, size or placement, but you need to at least have considered these aspects, in order to make this smooth and swift process, as well as ensuring an ideal final result.

We have an 18 year age limit for all tattoo clients - no exceptions!

Tattoo design

At Krets we work primarily with custom tattoo designs, meaning we create a unique design for each client, based on your ideas and reference images, and this design will be yours exclusively and not tattooed on anyone else. We also tattoo our own flash (our own pre-made designs) - view these in each tattooers portfolio. You can in most cases bring your own design which will be tattooed as is, or with alterations if needed.


For custom tattoos we require that you specify rough size, placement on body, as well as supplying 3-5 reference images. These can be photos of objects/environments, other tattoos and ideally one or more tattoos made by your tattoo artist at Krets. These images should illustrate the concept, style, color scheme and other aspects of what you’re looking for. Based on this your tattooer will create a design in his/her own style, as you will then review together on the day of your appointment, unless otherwise agreed upon. It’s essential that you are thorough in your preparations and explaining of your idea, in order to simplify the design process. If you revise/submit new reference images after initial brief, or in other ways significantly alter your input, you will be charged an additional 500 sek.

Pricing and booking fee

A cost estimate of your tattoo can only be given after a physical or digital consultation with your tattoo artist. Please note that this is only a preliminary estimate, and final price might not be able to be determined until after the tattoo session. Pricing is determined by respective tattooers hourly rate, and can be charged as hourly rate or set price for each
tattoo/session. Factors affecting the time required/price include design/style, complexity, size, coloring, your skin quality, as well as numbers of breaks. Based on each tattooer's experience and expertise, we all have slightly different hourly rates, but the shop's minimum price is always 1200 sek.

For each appointment we require a 500 sek booking fee, which will be deducted from the final price. Please note that this fee is non-refundable!

If rescheduling your appointment at least 72 hours ahead your booking fee will be transferred to your new appointment, but for cancellations or late rescheduling your booking fee is forfeited. This applies if you show up more than 20 minutes late as well, unless this has been clearly communicated well

Our livelihood is completely dependent on the hours we tattoo: late arrivals, late cancellations and additional design work outside of initial brief affects our working hours and income, so kindly respect the shop rules and guidelines. 

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