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● Remove plastic bandage after 2-4 days, showering with bandage is fine. If bandage is partially coming loose premature, or is punctured, remove right away.


● Wash tattoo with lukewarm water and for example Lactacyd, dry with clean towel, then moisturize with a thin coat of recommended lotion (for example Bepanthen or Me Anima Tattoo Oil) 3-4 times/day, or when tattoo feels dry. Repeat cleaning and moisturizing until all scabs have come off, which roughly takes about a 7-10 days (but can differ even more depending of placement of tattoo and individual differences.


● Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo/scabs, let scabs come off at their own pace, or you might risk infection and tattoo not healing properly and possibly loose some ink or get bloated lines

● Avoid tight clothes on tattooed area per. Avoid perfumes, shampoo and other skin care products to come in contact with tattoo. Also avoid sunbathing, swimming and sauna. Workout only after consulting with your tattooer. Avoid strong sun/tanning for a minimum of 6 weeks, or use sunblock spf 50.

Touch-up of healed tattoo

● In some cases the tattoo can “lose” some ink during the healing process, even if instructions are followed to the letter.If so, we will touch-up your tattoo free of charge, providing you come in and show the tattoo within 2 months of session. In case of suspected poor caring of the tattoo you could be charged for touch-up.


● Finger and palm tattoos are harder to heal than almost all other skin, and chances as very high it might need touching-up after completed healing process, why we advise against these tattoos. If you still wish to do finger or palm tattoo, the minimum price of 1200 sek. will always be charged for touch-ups.

If the tattoo isn’t healing properly or is infected


If your tattoo isn’t healing properly, or you have other questions regarding healing, don’t hesitate to contact the shop. We’ll answer your questions the best we can, or inspect it if you come in and show us. If tattoo becomes very irritated or infected, contact pharmacy or physician. This is however extremely rare if you follow the aftercare instructions.


Tattoo photography/ Follow up

After completion, your tattooer may want to photograph your tattoo for own use and/or for display in physical and digital portfolio (FB/IG). This is a central part of our marketing, which is why your tattooer might ask you to come back for photographing on a later occasion, as some tattoos don’t achieve their final look until completely healed.

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